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 The seed and cultivation disk unit SHARK with the cultivation disks mounted individually is an ideal solution to a shallow soil cultivation. Its task is to undercut the stubble field exactly, mix the after harvest residue with the soil and speed up the mineralization process, stimulate the sprouting of weeds and self-seedings and to protect water reservoirs in the soil. The harrow is equipped with the packer roller: tubular, and the rubber one provides the best soil compacting behind the cultivation disks and at the same time a good contact of after harvest residue with the soil, creating in this way  ideal conditions for the process of organic matter degradation.

  Working tools of cultivation and stubble unit – disks are equipped with overload protection in the form of rubber shock absorbers, due to which have longer life and are less susceptible to damage during the operation, especially on stoned soils.

Additional equipment:

   - two rows of disks with tines Ø 510 mm from OFAS company
   - overload protection – rubber shock absorbers
   - rear tubular roller Ø 500 mm
   - lateral screen

Additional equipment:

   - disks Ø 560 or Ø 610 mm from OFAS company
   - tubular roller Ø 600
   - CROSSKILL Ø 500 roller
   - Ø 500 mm or Ø 600 roller of packer
   - Ø 500 mm rubber roller

SHARK 4,0 32 2150 100  130 2,8 - 3,8
SHARK 4,5 36 2300  110 - 150 3,2 - 4,4
SHARK 5,0 40 2650  135 - 170 4,0 - 6,0
SHARK 6.0 48 2800  145 - 180 4,4 - 6,0
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  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_02
  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_03
  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_04
  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_05
  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_06
  • shark_skladany_hydraulicznie_d_07
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