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The stars of Quality 2013

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The stars of Quality 2012

07 JAKOSC 2012 logo PRODUCT


We encourage you to read the interview with the owner of GRANO SYSTEM. (Polish language).

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Jabłonna 35
97-570 Przedbórz

tel. 792-74-04-09
fax. (44) 781-20-68



About us

Taking the example from the West, Polish agriculture modernizes very fast and increasingly needs new technologies.
The purpose of our company is to launch the manufacture of modern farm machinery for the agriculture.
Grano-system company started its business and production in December 2008, taking into account the latest technological solutions and adopting many of them.

We pay great attention to accurate manufacturing, therefore our customers are always satisfied and every transaction is successful.

We believe, that competitive spirit and well organized teamwork will cause, that Grano-system will be one of the more dynamically growing company among production companies not only in our region.

We are happy to answer your questions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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